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Haridwar Rishikesh Tour

Haridwar Rishikesh Tour

Destination: Delhi - Haridwar – Rishikesh - Delhi

The gateway of Gods, Haridwar is undoubtedly a kaleidoscope of Indian civilization and culture. Being blessed by the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh Haridwar holds immense significance for a devout Hindu. The numerous temples dedicated to a host of Hindu gods and goddess is a major puller for the pilgrims. Haridwar also happens to be an ancient shakteepeeth thus again attracting lot of ardent devotees. As it is in Haridwar that the holy Ganges descends in the planes, a large number of Hindus come here to take a holy dip. Read on to know more about the places to visit when in Haridwar.


Har-Ki-Pauri: Har-Ki-Pauri is regarded as one of the major attractions of Haridwar. It is a sacred ghat built by the then King Vikramaditya in the memory of his brother Bhartrihari. This sacred bathing ghat is also known as Brahmakund. Thousands of devotees come here to take a holy dip in the river Ganga during the Kumbh Mela. Just near the ghat is the Gangadwar Temple which is regarded as the most important temple of Haridwar.


Chandi Devi: The temple of Chandi Devi atop the Neel Parvat on the other bank of river Ganga was constructed in 1929 AD by the King of Kashmir – Suchat Singh. The temple is a 3 km trek from Chandi Ghat. Legend has it that Chanda-Munda the army chief of the local demon king, Shumbha-Nishumbha, was killed by Goddess Chandi here after which the place got the name Chandi Devi. It is believed that the main statue was established by the Adi Sankaracharya in 8th Century AD. Chandi Devi Temple is now accessible by a ropeway also, which starts near Gauri Shanker Temple.

Mansa Devi Temple: The temple on the top of Bilwa Parvat is dedicated to the Goddess Mansa Devi. Here, one statue of the Goddess has three mouths and five arms while the other statue has eight arms. A beautiful view of the city can be had from this place. The rope way carriage operates between Upper Road, near the station and Mansa Devi Temple.

Mansa Devi temple by ropeway

Bharat Mata Temple: This is one of the important temples of Haridwar. It has eight stories in which the images of cities, heroes and great men are installed.

Shanti Kunj: It is the famous ashram of Gayatri. Followers and pilgrims from far and wide converge here for yoga and natural cures.

Shanti Kunj

Bhimgoda: Legend has it that while the Pandavas were here, Bhim with one blow of his horse’s hoof drew water from the rocks at this spot.

Pawan Dham: The place is famous for its Hanuman Mandir decorated with glass pieces.

Vaishno Devi Temple: The newly constructed temple dedicated to the Goddess Vaishno Devi is on the lines of the temple in Jammu.

Vaishno Devi Temple

Gurukul Kangri University: A centre of learning where education is imparted in the traditional Indian way. Within the precincts of the University is the Ved Mandir which houses many archaeological exhibits. It is situated on the Haridwar-Jwalapur bypass road. The Ved Mandir Museum with archaeological exhibits in display can also be seen.

Daksh Mahadev Temple: The ancient temple of Daksh Mahadev is situated in the south of Kankhal town. This temple was constructed by Queen Dhankaur in 1810 AD. Kankhal has several temples and ashrams.

Sapt Rishi Ashram:  The Ganga flows in seven streams in front of this Ashram, hence this place is also called Sapt Sarovar.

Sapt Rishi Ashram

Kanva Rishi Ashram: 42 km. The ashram is situated on the banks of the Malini river along the forest road to Kotdwar.

Chila Wildlife Sanctuary: Haridwar is also a popular destination and adventure lovers. Chila Wildlife Sanctuary, part of Rajaji National Park, covers an area of around 240 sq. km. which attracts wildlife lovers with its pristine scenic beauty and rich biodiversity. It has 23 species of mammals and 315 fauna species. One may watch a herd of elephants roaming majestically in the jungle or may find oneself excited by a wildlife of many kinds including tigers, leopard, jungle cat, himalayan yellow throated marten, samber, cheetal, barking dear, wild boar, langur, ghural, sloth bear, king cobra, woodpecker, etc. The river shelters fish in abundance. Fishing is allowed with permits. Time to visit: 15th November – 15th June. No entry before sunrise and after sunset.

Chila Wildlife

Piran Kaliyar: The Dargah of Hazrat Makhdum Allauddin Ali Ahamed `Sabri’ on the outskirts of Roorkee, around 23 kms, is a must-visit-place for every visitor. It is situated towards the south of Haridwar. The place is known as Piran Kalier. This place is one of the living examples of unity between the Hindu and Muslim religions. Famed for its mystical powers that fulfil the desires of the devout, the Dargah is visited by millions of Muslims and Hindus alike from India and abroad.

Rishikesh: Rishikesh is one of the best-located pilgrimage centres along the right side of the bank of the Ganga. The holy river emerging from the high mountains not far from here, runs deep and silent through the thickly wooded hills of the Terai that straddle this region. A breathtaking experience of natural beauty and undiscovered wildlife await here. Not to mention the peace and tranquillity of a landscape associated with `munis’ and meditation. According to legend, sage Raibhya Rishi, undertook staunch penance at Rishikesh to please God. In answer to his meditation, god appeared here, manifested as `Rishikesh’ and the place thus came to be called after him. Today, Rishikesh has become a centre for learning and research in yoga and meditation – the renowned Indian methods for mental and physical health.

Rishikesh Shiva

Triveni Ghat: It is an interesting placed to be at dawn, when people make offerings of milk to the river and feed fishes. After sunset, priests set floating lamps on the water during the Aarti Ceremony. Nearby is the Bharat Mandir, the oldest temple.

Triveni Ghat

Neelkanth Mahadev: According to mythological accounts, during Sagar Manthan, Lord Shiva drank all the effluent venom here, which turned his throat blue. Hence, Shiva also became famous as Neelkanth. A four hour walk from Lakshman Jhoola, this temple is situated at a height of1700 meters.


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Haridwar Rishikesh Tour - Haridwar and Rishikesh are well know religious place in Uttaranchal, India. The gateway of Gods, Haridwar is undoubtedly a symbol of Indian culture. Being blessed by the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh Haridwar holds immense significance for a devout Hindu. As it is in Haridwar that the holy Ganges descends in the planes, a large number of Hindus come here to take a holy dip. Know more about the India on India Travel.

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